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Expository Writing
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W.A. Hume:  ENGL 291—Expository Writing

TEXT: Spatt, Brenda. Writing from Sources. 5th ed. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1998.

This course provides students additional experience in developing writing proficiency with primary focus on writing from sources. In addition to further practice in each of the stages of the writing process, students learn summarizing, interpreting and presenting factual data, opinion, and argument. Written assignments emphasize documented papers for the academic and professional communities. ENGL 291 requires composing a total of 4,500 words, not including preliminary drafts. This course is applicable to the Communications general education requirement.


  • Each student will be able to interpret data, understanding the difference between inferred material, implied material, stated material, and false assumptions.

  • Each student will be able to summarize articles, paraphrase relevant information, and utilize authoritative quotes, using appropriate documentation for each.

  • Each student will be able to plan, organize, write and edit a research paper, including developing a thesis, locating relevant library sources, outlining writing plans, incorporating authoritative sources, and using appropriate documentation.

  • Each student will understand documentation techniques based on an MLA standard, whether the material is quoted or paraphrased.

This is a writing course based on research presentation and documentation. Although we have only two major research papers, many preparatory writing assignments, in-class and homework writing assignments must be successfully completed before moving on to the major projects. Since each step of the classwork moves toward the research projects, you may not continue on to these major projects if any of your previous assignments have not been turned in for a grade.

1You will be responsible for all in-class assignments whether you are present or not; this means that you must follow the course schedule on your own and turn in any missed assignments upon the day of your return. If you do not turn in your assignments within two class periods of your absence, you will receive zero credit for the assignment.

xA MID-TERM and FINAL exam is required. We will also have various quizzes relating to reading assignments, writing processes, critical thinking analyses, and vocabulary.

xFINAL GRADE. Your final grade will be based on the following criteria:

  • 15% In-Class Exercises & Quizzes
  • 25% Homework Assignments
  • 20% Mid-Term and Final Exams
  • 40% Writing Projects

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Disclaimer: Information contained in this syllabus, to the best of the knowledge of the instructor, was considered correct and complete when distributed for use at the beginning of the semester.  However, this syllabus should not be considered a contract between the University of Maryland and any student.  The instructor reserves the right, acting within the policies and procedures of UMUC, to make changes in course content or instructional technique without prior notice or obligation.

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