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Web Tycho 

What is WebTycho?

WebTycho Frequently Asked Questions.

Take a Tour
To be successful in this course, you will need to become aware of the WebTycho classroom format. Take a few minutes to go through the WebTycho tutorial. A few minutes now, may save you from hours of frustration later. To access the tutorial, click on Options, on the top of your screen and click "self-register" for the WebTycho tour. Follow the instructions on how to register for the Orientation TOUR 101.

Call for Help
I am not a technical expert. If you are having technical problems that limit your ability to participate in a WebTycho course, you are responsible for addressing the problems promptly. The HELP button above will give you four ways to get help with your technical problems. Go there first. You may also call Tycho Support at 1-800-807-4862. They are available 24 hours every day. If you are told that you have a "Level II problem" and no one is available at Level II, then please ask to have the support person paged.

Practice Online Etiquette
Please think about your online responses before submitting them. If you havent ever seriously considered the issues regarding "netiquette," please review the basics at this helpful website:

Submit Assignments
Much of our work will be done by typing directly into WebTycho, but realize that formal papers requiring specific format and MLA bibliographic citations must be submitted as attachments. Your papers should look exactly as they would if you were turning them in at a classroom location. Your attachments must use Microsoft Word software (any version). If you do not submit your paper using this software, I may not be able to grade it.

NOTE: Always keep copies of what you submit for a grade as well as anything you receive from me. An electronic "glitch" can make assignments disappear. You are ultimately responsible for making sure each assignment has been submitted properly.

Communicate using WebTycho
My e-mail address should be used for any confidential of personal matters. For all other course questions, you should use the online conference format specifically set up for this purpose.

Know Your Browsers
WebTycho is designed to work best with Netscape browsers. You can download a free copy of Netscape by going to If you are using another browser and are having difficulty, you may want to consider making the change. (I do not use Netscape and have not had any trouble, but again, I am not a technical expert.)

See the syllabus and course schedule for specifics regarding COMM395 exercises and projects, student responsibilities, and grading procedures.

W. Hume

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