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Introduction to Writing
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W.A. Hume: ENGL 101—Introduction to Writing

TEXTS: Writing With a Purpose by Joseph F. Trimmer

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Introduction to Writing is designed to allow students to learn effective college-level writing techniques with an emphasis on the discussion of and practice in using basic elements of the writing process: formulating purpose, identifying an audience, and selecting appropriate methods of development. Writing assignments include composing a total of 4,500 words, not including preliminary drafts.


  • Each student will be able to plan, organize, write and edit a creative essay.
  • Each student will be able to examine and produce critical writing in several modes of discourse for the appropriate audience.
  • Each student will gain practice and experience in analyzing and evaluating writing, and synthesizing and formulating responses to assigned essays.
  • Each student will understand documentation techniques based on an MLA standard.

This is a writing course, expect to write. Five (5) full-length theme papers will be required along with other shorter writing assignments and pre-writing activities.

1You will be responsible for all in-class assignments whether you are present or not; this means that you must follow the course schedule on your own and turn in any missed assignments upon the day of your return. If you do not turn in your assignments within two class periods of your absence, you will receive zero credit for the assignment. In-class quizzes and in-class writing may NOT be made-up unless the instructor is contacted before the absence.

1ALL FULL-LENGTH papers must be accompanied by earlier drafts, informal outlines, brainstorming lists, and editing sheets. If an in-class editing session is missed, or if any papers are turned in after the scheduled deadline, the paper’s overall grade will automatically be lowered by one letter grade.

7ALL FINAL PAPERS must be typed, unless otherwise specified.



(50%) Five formal papers:

  • Description
  • Process Analysis
  • Classification
  • Definition
  • Argumentation/Persuasion

(20%)Tests: Mid-term Exam and Final Exam

(20%) Reading JournalComplete three essay summaries and responses—essays will be assigned.

(10%) PortfolioYour portfolio will include a collection of all worksheets, in-class writing assignments, and in-class quizzes. I will review portfolios at mid-term and before the final.

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Disclaimer: Information contained in this syllabus, to the best of the knowledge of the instructor, was considered correct and complete when distributed for use at the beginning of the semester.  However, this syllabus should not be considered a contract between the University of Maryland and any student.  The instructor reserves the right, acting within the policies and procedures of UMUC, to make changes in course content or instructional technique without prior notice or obligation.

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