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Sample Syllabi
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Below is a list of courses I teach for the University of Maryland--European Division. They are organized by three programs of study:  
English Language & Literature
Business Communications
Computer Applications
Scroll down and click on the course to see its description and basic outline.  

Sorry, not all syllabi are uploaded yet...

English Language & Literature
ENGL 100--Elements of English
ENGL 101--Introduction to Writing
ENLG 281--English Grammar, Usage, & Diction
ENGL 291--Expository Writing
COMM 278/378 --Language & Gender
COMM 395--Critical Thinking & Writing
ENGL 404--Shakespeare & Love

Business Communications
MGST 161--Managerial Communication Skills
MGST 315--Organizational Communication
COMM 293--Technical Report Writing
OFT 1001--Keyboarding
OFT 1002--Document Processing

Computer Applications
CAPP 100A--Introduction to Hardware & Software
CAPP 100B--Word Processing
CAPP 100D--Presentation Graphics
CAPP 100L--Web Page Design
CAPP 121--Advanced Word Processing
CAPP 150--Microcomputer Applications I
CAPP 160--Microcomputer Applications II
CAPP 170--Microcomputer Applications III
CAPP 310--Desktop Publishing


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