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Seminar: Keyboarding
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W.A. Hume
1 credit hour

TEXT: VanHuss, Susie H. College Keyboarding: Microsoft Word 6.0/7.0 Keyboarding and Formatting. Cincinnati: South-Western Educational Publishing, 1998.

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  In Office Technology 1001, students will learn basic alphabetic and numeric skills on a standard computer keyboard using the touch system of operation. Proper keyboarding techniques and accuracy are emphasized. We will also discuss basic office correspondence and the appropriate word processing and transcription techniques used in formatting basic office documents.

Participation 15 points
Graded Exercises 60 points
Final Examination 25 points


  • To understand and use the Windows operating system
  • To use the computer to learn the touch method of the alphabetic keyboard and numeric keypad.
  • To note problem areas through diagnostic writings available in they Keyboarding Pro package.
  • To boost keyboarding speed and accuracy through skill-building exercises.

INSTRUCTOR: Wendy Hume received her Master’s degree in English Education from Chadron State College, Chadron, Nebraska in 1995. Before returning for her graduate degree, Ms. Hume was employed as the News Editor for a biweekly newspaper and worked for three years as an administrative assistant. Her undergraduate degree was in English and Business Administration. Since 1995, Ms. Hume has taught writing, literature, office management, and computer applications. She has been teaching for the University in Maryland European Division since 1997.