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COMM395 schedule
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Tentative Schedule for COMM395
Except for our introductory week and our finals week, COMM395's weekly schedule will extend from Friday until the following Thursday. Unless otherwise noted, all assignments will be due on Thursday nights, no later than midnight Eastern Standard Time (6 a.m. Friday for those living in Germany).

WEEK ONE Jan. 22-26

Understanding WebTycho
Review class policies and syllabus.
Post introductions. Post responses at the end of the week.
Read: pp. 1-12 (introduction, topics, audience)
PREVIEW: The Library Module will be due at the end of Week Four. You should consider starting this module no later than Week Three.

WEEK TWO Jan. 26-Feb. 01

Post paragraph regarding argumentation rhetoric.
Respond to two students' rhetoric paragraphs.
Answer study review questions for chapter reading
(posted as "Study Questions1-12"  under Course Content).
Respond to topic discussion: "Karen Rivedal's essay revisions"
(posted as "Discussion Topic" under Module 2).
Submit your answer to Exercise 1, #5 p.12 of our textbook 
(submit as an assignment under "Submit Assignments")
Read pp. 13-21 in our textbook.

WEEK THREE Feb. 02-08

Answer study review questions for chapter reading (posted as "Study Questions13-21"  under Course Content).
Group Assignment--See assigned groups for completion of Exercise 3, pg. 21 (Rogerian Strategies).
Start Library Module. Due at the end of Week Four.
Read pp. 22-46 (inductive/deductive reasoning, Toulmin Model, logical fallacies)

WEEK FOUR Feb. 09-15

Answer study review questions for chapter reading ("Study Questions22-46"  in Course Content).
Submit answers to the
modified Exercise 4, pg. 35.
(Submit Assignments)
Submit answers to logical fallacies worksheet
("Fallacies Worksheet" in Course Content)
Present your own example of a logical fallacy. ("Fallacy Discussion" Module 4 is really Exercise 5, pg. 46)
Library Module should be completed NLT midnight EST Thursday, 15 February.
Read: pp. 46-62 (other forms of persuasion)

WEEK FIVE Feb. 16-22

Answer study review questions for chapter reading ("Study Questions46-62" Course Content).
Complete the advertising analysis assignment (Exercise 6, pg. 52 under Submit Assignments). You may discuss the advertisements in the "Advertisements" section of the Module 5 Conference area.
Respond to "Topics" in the Module 5 Conference area.

WEEK SIX Feb. 23-Mar. 02

Post your topic and thesis for the first paper assignment ("Argument Proposal"  Module 5).
Use the information you learned from the Library Module to revise and document your Argument #1 assignment.

Argument #1 assignment should be completed and submitted NLT midnight EST Thursday, 28 March.

WEEK SEVEN Mar. 03-09

See Midterm Review under Module Seven.
Midterm Exam
(End of the first half) :-)

Spring Break--March 10-23


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